Imperfect Recollections - The Indian Supreme Court on Trade Mark Law

Imperfect Recollections - The Indian Supreme Court on Trade Mark Law

By Eashan Ghosh

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Imperfect Recollections tells the story of Indian trade mark law through Supreme Court cases. Over the course of 13 essays on the most heavily litigated issues in Indian trade mark law, Imperfect Recollections sets out the contributions of the Supreme Court on each subject in chronological order. These are framed in context by statutory provisions, legislative history, common law principles and rules of practice. Narrating nearly one hundred key Supreme Court cases since 1951, Imperfect Recollections covers subjects such as the inquiries into similarity and distinctiveness, jurisdiction, rectification actions, prior use, honest concurrent use, limitations on trade mark registrations, delay and acquiescence, criminal actions and interim injunctions under Indian trade mark law. Imperfect Recollections offers a nuanced and comprehensive text on Indian trade mark law – one that engages experts and practitioners, but remains friendly to beginners, students and non-experts.

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Pages : 528

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Author: Eashan Ghosh

Publisher: Thomson Reuters India

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